Here’s Flipron’s new video “Low Life (Seeking Elevation)” shot at the fantastic Artisti in Piazza Festival in Pennabilli, Italy



And here’s the video for “The Bends” from Magic Car’s album “Meteorites”, shot with the help of Super 8 film

And this is “Fritz’s Beach”, shot using a vintage Dieter Rams-designed Braun Nizo S800 camera and Super 8 film

Other Tiny Dog artists …

The Billy Shinbone Show

This is the debut single “If You Think You’ll Get Away With It You’re Wrong”. Available here and now on limited edition CD. Download available on iTunes etc.


“Big Fat Blackberries”, from Flipron’s album “Firework Shoes”, is produced by Rat Scabies

Live and Direct!

Now check out “The Comet Returns” by Flipron (featuring Neville Staple of The Specials)

And here’s “The Comet Returns” backing Channel 4’s “The IT Crowd” Christmas Special advert no less!

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“In a just world, a band of such long standing as Flipron – and with a track record as great as theirs – would really need no introducing. But then, as we all know, there’s not much justice in the world.” … Tom Robinson, BBC 6 music

“Flipron are awesome! I can’t believe they are not hugely-famous. This song is much better than the current No.1.”

“Saw this band by chance last night and can’t believe they weren’t playing to an audience of thousands rather than a half empty pub. Incredible musicianship from a truly original outfit and a singer who oozes charisma. Why aren’t Flipron huge?” … You Tube comments